Networking is vital for us and collaborating with like-minded people is part of our DNA. The raw materials, the design and the projects that we undertake with our partners all come from the inspiration provided by our natural surroundings. The rich traditions and the beauty of the Serra de Tramuntana inspire our partners and us on a daily basis, and the end result is an array of fruitfull relationships and a unique range of product.



The collaboration between Viti Vinci and SONMO has resulted in the joint creation of a set of perfumes that aim to represent nature in the Serra de Tramuntana. The combination of the chosen plants and herbs from the forests, gardens and orchards of the Son Moragues estate portray some of the many potential aromas of this unique landscape.

Viti Vinci is an atelier based in Mallorca and specialized in creating perfumes made with natural essential oils.



The collection developed with Paz Alomar consists of a number of hand bound notebooks, using high quality artisan paper and SONMO’s natural dyed textiles. The covers of the notebooks are made from pieces of cloth that have been previously dyed in the SONMO studio. The binding technique and craftmanship in each product is the result of Paz Alomar's extensive experience in this very specific artisan activity.

Paz Alomar has been a bookbinder in Palma since 1989. In 2013, she founded an independent poetry publisher, combining two of her passions: bookbinding and poetry.

In the SONMO natural dyes section you can obtain a detailed explanation of our natural dyes activity in order to better understand the range developed together with Paz.,



The scarves, a collaborative creation with Cruz Ugarte, artistically convey the landscapes, views, and specific moments that caught the artist's attention during her walks across the Son Moragues estate. Each detail depicted on the scarves serves as an artistic rendition of her memories and emotions, reflecting her connection with the landscape.

Cruz Ugarte is an artist based in Mallorca specialized in visual arts.



SONMO soaps are the product of merging the expertise of Joaquim and his team at Jabones de Mallorca with the design and the olive oil from the Son Moragues estate.

Jabones de Mallorca is a company located in the Serra de Tramuntana that produces 100% natural cosmetics following artisan production techniques.