We use both ancient and modern techniques to dye our textile pieces


"Dip Dye " is a technique that consists of partially immersing the fabric in the dye vat. The result is a two-tone gradient, with a smooth transition where the dye color meets the undyed fabric.


"Folding and dyeing" is a variant of shibori , an ancient technique of Chinese origin, masterfully developed by Japanese artisans. It consists of folding a piece of fabric to create certain dyeing patterns across the surface that is exposed to the dye.


This particular tie dye is a variant of arashi shibori. The fabric is rolled onto a core, crumpled and tied before being immersed in the dye vat. The result is a pattern or effect, reminiscent of sea waves or fish scales.


Botanical printing or eco printing is a technique in which the leaves, stems or flowers of plants are placed directly on the fabric, to create a print. These are later rolled and steamed, transferring the color and shape of each plant onto the textile piece.


This dyeing technique involves one single dyeing material. The result is a uniform color, although sometimes there may be small differences in tones in some areas. This is a result that we look for in our pieces, as we believe that it adds a special uniqueness.


We harvest and collect the plants that we use to make the dyes from our farm


Quercus ilex, the evergreen oak, holly oak or holm oak is a large evergreen tree native to the Mediterranean region. The caps of the acorns are ground to a powder that is used to obtain brown tones and also dark shades of grey when modified with iron.


Rhamnus alaternus is a species of flowering plant in the buckthorn family Rhamnaceae, known by the common names Italian buckthorn or Mediterranean buckthorn. It grows in rocky ground and here, in Son Moragues, they are usually found close to the dry stone walls. The leaves and small branches are used to obtain vibrant yellow hues as well as green when modified with iron.


The loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) is a large evergreen shrub or tree in the family Rosaceae and is native to the cooler hill regions of south-central China. We use its leaves, which are high in tannin to produce soft peach and pink tones.


Olea europaea, commonly known as olive tree (or olivera in Mallorca), is a small evergreen tree, very sturdy and long-lasting. Although due to their characteristics it is difficult to determine the exact age of an olive tree, it is certain that most of the olive trees in Son Moragues are several centuries old.
Depending on the season of the year, olive leaves produce different shades. When in bloom, the tones are yellow and during the rest of the year more attenuated beige hues.


Cydonia oblonga, commonly known as quince is a deciduos tree or large shrub belonging to the Rosaceae family. Its leaves are used to obtain reddish tones and also dark shades of brown when modified with iron.


Indigofera tinctoria is a species of plant from the Fabaceae family, its native habitat is unknown (it's the only plant that we use that is not obtained from our estate). It is the legendary source of colourfast blues. The dyeing process is different from that of other plants, since its pigment, Indigotin, is not soluble in water. To make it soluble and be able to use it as a dye, it must be mixed with oxygen-reducing agents and alkalis. In our case we use fructose and calcium hydroxide. Indigo can give different blue hues that range from the tint of a clear sky to a deep navy that is almost black.

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